Manaqib Productions

Gateway to Divine Bliss


Manaqib-RoseManaqib Productions is a UK based label dedicated to the revival of the traditional art of devotional singing – Inshad. We plan to release a series of audio and print productions with the goal of celebrating Islam. We celebrate by:

  • Glorifying the One Supreme Creator, ALLAH, eminent is His Glory,
  • Esteeming His Chosen Beloved and seal of Prophets, Allah bless him and give him peace,
  • Praising the Friends of God and initimate inheritors of the Prophet, Allah sanctify their secret,
  • Extolling the virtues of the spiritual dimension of Islam that leads one to the Divine Ocean of gnosis.

We ardently pray that our work will go some way towards igniting hearts with the fire of love for Allah and the paragon of creation, Allah bless him and give him peace.


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