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The Ramadan Song

Posted by on Jul 22, 2014

The Ramadan Song

One of the most popular Ramadan odes is the one by ‘Abd al-Wahhab al-Shamliyy al-Sabbagh with the refrain, Ramadan Tajalla wabtasama.

One of our own lyricists has taken the ode, and composed an English version. Together with the Arabic original, this is the bilingual rendition.

Savour this beauty!

Ramadan Arrives

Ramadan arrives, so elegant and fine
So blessed are we, who gain from its time
The joy of God will fill the earth
And the Oneness of Him we’re blessed to affirm.

Ramadan is a time for graciousness
And asking God to take care of us
A time for prayers and remembering Allah
As our souls rise high to reach its goal.

Ramadan is when we change our ways
Aim to be true and good, always
A time that calls to put things right
Right here and now, for our Afterlife.

Ramadan is a time that veils our faults
So we can unite and live as one
Allah, forgive the wrongs we’ve done
Protect us, bless us, everyone!

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